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The Feeling & Experience!

This post is basically going to be around the whole idea/concept/feeling of owning & riding a bike! So here’s the deal when people talk about owning a bike there are the basic few scenarios –

1) You own a bike for all practical purposes, day to day life, etc.

2) You love to own & ride a bike

3) You go ahead & buy a bike because you think the biker lifestyle is cool

A lot of people fall into number 1 & 3 category… These people, to my mind, do not matter because for them the way they percive the bike is either a pracitical device which they will upgrade to a car or will buy a really  expensive bike and the same will be a passing phase wherein they will realize that the biker lifestyle isn’t all that it is made out to be and then they will move on in life.

Speed Demon!

Obviously the category we believe we fall in is number 2 where in we love to own, ride & customize the bike. Please note we did realise the same a bit late in our lives but none the less at least we did realize 🙂 The whole idea of being able to personalize the bike, give it a personality, etc. is what makes the same an extention of your lifestyle. Give you an example…. I like my life to be structured and relaxed and thus a cruiser was a default option for me. For others who enjoy excitment it is a racer, so on & so forth.

Don't miss the Bird!!!

Though, once you have zeroed in on the kind of bike you want it & go buy it, the same does totally take over your life your.  The need to keep it spick and span, make sure its washed daily, there is no scratch on it etc….are points all bike owners in category 2 will relate to.

Once that is out of the way then comes the ride… So if you, like me, live in a crowded city the only time to truly enjoy a bike ride is either early in the morning or late at night. Currently for me the same happens in morning  early, where in I take the bike and ride past the open roads of Bombay, places like Marine Drive, Worli Seaface, Haji Ali Darga, Lalbaug Flyover to name a few places are simply brilliant to ride past.

The Brilliant Queen's Necklace at Marine Drive!

The unmatched feeling of the wind in your face and the peaceful calm of the city add to the overall biking experience!!! I highly recommend if you are in the city & like me enjoy a good bike ride do drive past the places i have mentioned either in the wee hours of the morning or late at night the feeling is sensational, you wont be disappointed.

In all this there is also a coolness factor and a carefree attitude which owning and ridding bike brings along, ride aimlessly, stop for a beer, chill with friends, etc. are images which you associate bike ridiing with and trust me all of that at some level does hold true when you are in”bike riding mode”

A sense of freedom & the abillity to live life in the moment is what the overall experiance is all about…

If you havent tried this experience in your life even once I strongly suggest you do the same immeditely because I am telling you so and like Stallone said it in Judge Dread ” My Word is the Law”

Open Road...

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