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Lifestyle of the Not So Rich but Loads of Fun

The Classic Biker

First few image which comes to mind when you think bikers & bikes

1) Long Haired Dude with Tattoos cruising on this huge ass bike

The Outlaw Biker

2) The speed demons racing across the road on some killer super-bikes

Both of these images have an aspirational connect which is very evident when we think of them.

Today we are going to talk about the first variety – the one’s who the general population perceives as “Outlaw Bikers”, yup the same who you see on Harleys in movies, documentaries, youtube videos, etc.

Ok so why is this aspirational when folks like the ones mentioned are considered outlaws & are part of gangs, etc… To me, the appeal here is of the negative where in a few aspects help paint the complete picture in our minds of what we could be 🙂

The Classic Bad Boy: Carefree attitude, living life per second, lots of beer, sexy girls around, always ready to pick a fight  & most importantly, the fact they do not do anything but general chilling! Who wouldn’t want to lead a life like that? Clearly this has been showcased in movies since years & has help build the image and a substantial  hype around this community. One aspect which hasn’t been highlighted prominantly in movies and in any media is according to me the most important one “brotherhood & friendship” which basically is about hanging with buddies and friends who are like minded.

The sweetness of doing nothing...

Now we understand why all of us somewhere want to live the so called “biker life”. Who wouldn’t want to wake up, ride to your heart’s content, hang with your buddies, unlimited supply of alcohol… add to that the women quotient and life is sorted :-).


Having said that, most of us are able to achieve the same in spurts where we are able to chill, do nothing much, hang with buddies, get shit-faced, ride when roads have little to no traffic and have a woman to share things with. The only problem here is that the same happens very occasionally, may be on holidays or weekends conidering the lives we lead which from time to time get mundane & monotonous.

I hate Mondays and the basis of this article somewhere stemmed from that. Now I am working towards making the day exciting!!! Hopefully, this article will have a similar effect on you! Take it one day at a time…

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