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Custom Paint Job

The first thing that stands out when you look at a Bike is its colour.

Bikers generally get custom jobs on their machines to set them apart. These are inspired by various things – loved ones, country, style, monuments…. the list is endless. These customized paint jobs are created by a very special breed of artists. These are guys who have been ex-tattoo artist or graphic designers. They spend days on a custom job. For example, just to get a tank Cherry red, at least 3 different quotes of different colour are put on it just to ensure the final shade is as per a customer’s liking.

Once the base coat is up, starts the tedious proscess of putting a graphic on it or then to do some pinstriping!  Both of these requires extremely skilled workmanship and only a handfull of people in the world really create art. I have not yet come across any Indian artist near our chop shop who does this kind of work. Have put up some really good paint work below – some simple, and some out of whack. If you know anyone who does this kind of work in Mumbai please let us know.

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