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Beyond The Avenger(S)

Normally, all our pots are related to Bikes. This one is a tad bit different (like they say in Bollywood hut ke hai)

What do we do beyond Bikes? There is movies, sitcoms, video games, food and relaxing. Do note: we are not teenagers; clubbing, smoking up and the general testosterone/hormones from hell is really not our thing. This post focuses on movies… something which pretty much governs our lives most weekends – we end up buying a ton of DVDs and watching them on our home theatre systems. One of our favorite genres: Super Hero movies! We watch any movie that comes under this category – cartoons, anime, b-grade blockbusters…. does not matter.

So how does this tie in with bikes? Our first and current bike is called Avenger. This also happens to be the name of the biggest movie coming out this year (massive amounts of excitement in our lives has happened). Okay, moving back to the movie, the Avengers stars 6 super heroes all packed into one movie, four of the stars have actually had standalone blockbuster’s leading up to this movie.

The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Ironman, Black Widow, Hawkeye and Captain America form the mighty team…all of them assembled under one roof by Nick Fury. To appreciate the movie to its fullest, you have to have a little background on all it’s characters. Am penning down my opinion about each of them below; not to worry this will not be a long wiki type article –

  • The Incredible Hulk – Dr. Bruce Banner is transformed into the beast every time he loses his temper (I wish I could also), this due to a overdose of gamma radiation in a lab experiment.
  • Thor, is the son of Odin and his wife Jord – he is, for the lack of a right word, a God! Need I say more…?
  • Iron man, the flamboyant playboy, Tony Stark, moonlights as the metallic hero; this is part of his inventory spree and also a challenge where he is concerned.
  • Captain America, a super soldier experiment that actually worked in the 60’s. After tons of battles, the Captain froze in a block of ice, he then emerged hale and hearty in the present and Nick the slick convince him he will save America by joining the Avengers.
  • The Black Widow: she is your standard KGB operative gone wrong. Do note, gone wrong because currently she is fighting the good fight. Trained to kill, Natasha Romanoff is the most good looking member of the team…. or is it Thor, shit this is difficult….
  • Hawkeye, is the black sheep of the team, an orphan by the name of Clinton Barton, he is trained in a circus. Like all wannabe, he saw Iron man and decided to become a super hero. Trained in archery, Hawkeye uses both his eyes to battle the forces of evil, he also had a fling with the Widow.
  • Nick Fury, suddenly changed skin colour from white to a…….let’s say darker shade! He is a war veteran and the commanding force that got all these super egos under one roof.

If you still want to know more, check the blog in a day or two for details – bio on each of them. Milind, Rachita, Yooti and I have watched most Avenger movies out there: 4 feature length, 2 Animated and the very first television series; suffice to say we are Avenger veterans and can’t wait to watch the movie. Currently the plan is to watch it next Monday when the theatre is less crowded (we can’t handle crowds). Would suggest next time you are out on an early morning or late night bike ride, drive down to a theatre or rent a DVD; it will definitely add to the whole relaxing experience. If you are like us and love movies about bikes, here are a few recommendations, not in any particular order  –

Easy Rider

The World’s Fastest Indian (Must remember to watch this over the weekend)

The Motorcycle Diaries

Chopper Town (Documentary)

Sons Of Anarchy (Sitcom)

Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man

Wild Hogs

Hell’s Angels on Wheels

Mad Max


If you have a recommendation add it below in the comments. Now back to doing what we do best – Relaxing…do check the movie poster gallery below 🙂

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