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The Extended Weekend Part 1

Colaba Defense Station

As the title of this post suggests, we are enjoying an extended weekend 🙂  Conisdering Saturday, Sunday was off, Monday we took leave from work & tomorrow is 1st May Labour Day so Holiday!!! 4 days of total bliss… Too much good stuff has happened in the past 2 days & lots more to happen in the coming 48 hours so this post has 2 parts.

Superb Roads at Colaba Defense Station

Saturday  morning bike ride was absolutely spectacular; I was riding past Marine Drive and decided to go towards Colaba, enroute came across Colaba Defense Station. Most of the morning then was spent exploring the same: beautiful roads, greenery, some crazy tanks & turrets on display and just sheer bliss as the place was quiet and all you heard was the bike engine and felt the wind on your face. If you  are in Bombay and are looking at a place to go ride I strongly suggest Colaba Defense Station…it is an experience.

Got back home post that and then Mihir took the bike out where the saddle bags on the bike ripped off and tore… This meant a trip to the chop shop, went there at about 11:00am found Guddu, my mechanic. Told him the problem then went to Jayseshbhai my fabricater & accesory manager got a new pair of saddle bags which were now fixed with new brackets so they dont fall apart. Also, Jayesh a got chrome Eagle totum put on the front fendor. Guddu also got the bike washed and polished. While the bike was being fixed we went out for lunch to All Stir Fry at Colaba as uncle & aunt were leaving for foreign.  Reaching there we realized the place has shut down. Moved to Bellagio, a quaint eatery opposite central library, ordered some good pizza, pastas, etc. and finished lunch. On the way back, went to the chop shop & got the bike back which was looking super cool!

The Eagle has Landed

Sunday Morning Bike Ride View

Saturday evening was spent bottling home made beer and drinking some of the same…… turned out to be a well rounded stout which was superb. (through the week will be posting a detailed aticle on brewing beer at home). Dinner with Family and emo moments seeing off uncle off was the end to Saturday. Bike Ride on Sunday was past Bandra reclamation which is one of my most favorite places to ride the bike. Post that, there was Astro”s (our little pet cocker spaniel) bath & general chilling. Then Mihir & I were deciding whether we get a dual ehaust and a new silencer fitted on the bike; conclusion we will be getting that done soon will keep you posted. Afternoon was spent in true biker style guzzling home brewd beer having sheesha with the Aashay (cousin from pune) & the passing out .

Home Brewed Beer

Evening we tried watching a horror flick called 7 below which was horrifying 🙂 and was shut in about 40 minutes of being started. More Alcohol was had post which the Mrs & me made Fries & Roti Rolls with hot Sauce for the family. Supernatural was watched to end the day; though, this time the end of day was not a downer considering Monday & Tuesday were also holidays. Also today we are going to watch Avengers; and as a prelude to the same, we revisited and saw Captain America, Thor, Hulk & Iron Man Movies over the weekend which was, if i do say so myself, sensational!!!

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