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MIB 3 Men in Bikes!

MIB 3 Monowheel!

One of our favorite movies ever releases its 3rd part this week – MIB, so today’s post is about the series and, more importantly, about part 3 which has some really cool bikes!

Now, to the fun part, MIB 3 which releases this weekend! The same not only has a great plot which takes a bit from Back to the Future & Star Wars, but also has some awesome bikes!  Veteran MIB field agent, Agent J learns that Agent K’s life and the fate of Earth are at stake. He must time-travel to 1969 to stop an alien criminal named Boris from assassinating a young Agent K (Josh Brolin) and changing history, while also facing a 24-hour time limit before he is trapped in the past. You have to check the video in the post to see the bikes in action! The one below shows Boris on his bike during the shoot.

Will Smith rides a concept Monowheel which is unbelievably cool, while Boris Jemaine Clement rides a chopper style bike which is pretty crazy as well! A brief note on the Monowheel, for people who don’t know about it – The same is a one-wheeled single-track vehicle similar to a unicycle. However, instead of sitting above the wheel, the rider sits either within it or next to it. The wheel is a ring, usually driven by smaller wheels pressing against its inner rim. Most are single-passenger vehicles, though multi-passenger models have been built. Today, monowheels are generally built and used for fun and entertainment purposes, though from the 1860s through to the 1930s, they were proposed for use as serious transportation. Also take a moment to check the awesome action sequence with the bikes in the movie below.

This is Awesome!!!

Also for people who haven’t seen the previous 2 movies or have forgotten the same, here’s the recap. The Men in Black series is kick-started in 1997 with the first movie starring Will Smith & Tommy Lee Jones.  All of us remember the base plot of the movie wherein MIB is a secret organisation which maintains peace on earth keeping it the “Neutral Zone” for extra terrestrials a.k.a. aliens. The 1st part saw Will Smith’s initiation into the organization and how he and Tommy Lee Jones save the world.  More important things like the MIB glasses and neuralyzer to wipe the memories of those that encounter either them or the aliens became icons; also the soundtrack was extremely popular with Will Smith singing the classic “Here come the Men in Black” song.

The Boris Bike

Jemaine on the Boris Bike

The 2nd part, released in 2002, was not such a big phenomena as the original one, though was entertaining, where the plot revolved around Five years after the events of Men in Black. Agent J (Will Smith) is now the top operative for the MIB, the self-funded New York City-based agency that secretly monitors and regulates extra terrestrials’ activity on Earth.  Again the agenda here also was to save the world from a particular alien, etc., etc… To conclude, the this series is iconic and shouldn’t be missed. In Part 3 will (smith J) pack a punch with the killer bikes and stuff, so go watch it!!!



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The Avengers Harley Connection

I have never been a big fan of Captain America, but his motorcycle – that is a completely different story. Captain America’s most recognizable vehicle, is a custom Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Little known comic fact – Captain America while living in Brooklyn Heights stored the motorcycle in a service garage. He often kept his motorcycle in his van and took it wherever he travelled; if you have seen some television episodes and old movies, you are sure to catch this scene.

In recent times, Harley-Davidson collaborated with Marvel Studios to create five motorcycles for Captain America: The First Avenger film, which traces Captain America’s origins as a World War II era Super Hero who rode a military motorcycle as a means of transportation. The Motor Company coordinated the modification of the current day Harley-Davidson Cross Bones model to resemble an original 1942 WLA Army motorcycle. The Motor Company also worked with Marvel Studios to recreate additional parts, such as an ammunition box and leather gun scabbard, to ensure the motorcycles looked as authentic as possible.

Personally I was totally floored by the detailing on the Bike in the First Avengers movie, meant to be a modern interpretation of Harley-Davidson’s classic WLA military motorcycle. Captain America’s custom machine started life as a stock Harley-Davidson Cross Bones model. Fitting, as the Cross Bones, with its spring-mounted solo saddle and springer fork, is arguably the most period-correct platform in Harley-Davidson’s current line from which to begin. Check the video below featuring some crazy concept work on the bike and commentary by the crew.

The Captain’s bike has also inspired another Bike which is part of movie history; this bike was featured in the iconic chopper movie, Easy Rider. The bike shown is not a replica; it is one of two identical choppers originally built by Cliff Vaughn for use in the movie. This is the one that was wrecked at the end of the film. The other was reportedly stolen. After the filming, the wrecked bike was procured by actor Dan Haggerty, who began rebuilding it but never finished it. It was then sold, the restoration being completed by Dave Ohrt. The owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, has graciously loaned it to the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, Iowa, where it is currently on display. This example of the Captain America bike is a 1951 Harley- Davidson FL. The frame was chromed, but is otherwise virtually stock, so is the engine. Added were extended forks, extended handlebars, upswept fishtail mufflers, gas tank and tall sissy bar, all of which currently defines the chopper.

As with our profile on the Hulk and bike/gear, checkout Captain America’s gallery below. Interestingly, you only need a Brown Leather Jacket and a Bowl shaped Helmet to replicate Chris Evan’s look in the movie. We hope to see a lot more of crazy bikes in the upcoming sequel of the movie.

The Captain America Bike/Gear Gallery

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My Favorite Avenger – The Incredible Hulk

I am sure you have guessed this post is about the Hulk, before I get into other details, a quick background on the Greatest Super Hero of All Time –

Few of us know that Doctor Banner’s full name is Robert Bruce Banner. The Dr. was present in the instrumentation bunker at the test site for the first underground test detonation of the Gamma Bomb. Observing that a civilian had breached security and entered the restricted test area, Banner told his colleague Igor Starsky to delay the countdown while he tried to get the civilian to safety. Starsky, secretly a Soviet agent, did nothing, confident that Banner would die in the explosion, bringing the project to a halt. Reaching the civilian, a teenager named Rick Jones, Banner threw him into a protective trench. Before Banner could get himself to safety, the Gamma Bomb detonated, and intense waves of radiation reached the surface. Banner was irradiated with highly charged radioactive particles. Due to an unknown genetic factor in his body, Banner was not killed by the radiation, which instead caused him to frequently transform into the vastly powerful, humanoid monster named “the Hulk” There are various theories on how and why Banner changes into the Hulk the most popular being, he gets “MAD”.  Hulk joining the Avengers was more accidental then planned; he became a pawn of Loki who tricked Hulk into battling his half-brother, Thor. This plot was foiled, leading to Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Ant-Man and the Wasp joining forces to form the Avengers and defeat Loki.

I have been a fan of the Incredible Hulk since I was a kid; I had one of those stretchy characters who’s arms and legs you could pull, from then on it was about watching The Hulk television series starring the legendary Lou Ferrigno and Bill Bixby – these  my relatives would send from the US – we did not have cable TV in India back then. It’s been a good 30 years and I am still a fan of Dr. Banner, have pretty much followed all his movies/cartoons, collected figurines, gadgets and so on.

I have always thought the Hulk movies were badly done. Ang Lee’s portrayal was the worst ever, showcasing a retarded Hulk, come on! Ed Norton did a good job of portraying the green monster, but his portrayal of Dr. Banner just did not work. The Avengers saw Ruffalo potray the Hulk; his attempt is the best so far even better than Bill Bixby; the character is the way it should be, period (try spotting your favorite Hulk in the image). The Avengers glorifies the Hulk like no other movie, the scene where the good Doctor rides in on his Bike and levels the Leviathan is unreal! I was very fascinated by this scene, purely because I have never seen the Hulk riding bikes, currently there isn’t much clarity on which bike he is riding – the rumor mill is buzzing between Harley Davidson & Triumph, I think it could be the Harley – they have tried up with the movie and also showcased a bike at the LA premiere.

Because we love bikes and the Hulk, I looked around to see how the green monster has inspired bike riders and builders across decades and found some really interesting stuff. Hulk bikes, some completely dedicated to the Goliath and others with minor tributes, also helmets and vinyls a plenty have been created in the great one’s image. Check the images around the blog and the gallery below, I am sure they will inspire you to dedicate your bike or at least some part of it to your favourite super hero. I have also added some of our collection in terms of figurines and gadgets, don’t miss the green cake created by Rachita (sister-in-law) post watching The Avengers. If you know which Bike Dr Banner is riding in the movie, do add your comments and let us know….

The Incredible Hulk Bikes and More….

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Chop Shop Heaven

This is where Magic happens

Bikes being Customized

For most of us, seeing customized bikes on the streets triggers statements like “that’s a cool looking bike” or “that’s a mean machine”, followed by “that must have cost a some major bucks…”. Post getting our bike, we were sure we wanted the same to be customized, though didn’t know where to go and get it done; stores, designers would be expensive & also the same would take a decent amount of time. So one fine day, while visiting the dealer fromwhere we bought our bike, by chance we stumbled upon the Chop Shop Lane. If you live in Bombay, own a bike or are planning to buy one or are just interested in interesting stuff the city has to offer, read on…

My Bike Accessory Supplier

The Seat Customizing Stall

Situated off Lamington Road, towards the road which leads towards Bombay Central Station, there is a Junction to the right of which is a lane where you will see loads of activity and bikes parked along the footpath. As you enter the lane, you will see shops which display bike parts like tyres, fuel tanks,helmets, accessories, etc. Walking into any shop here is an experience as these small, unassuming shops offer the world in terms of bike customization. Mihir& I, on our discovery of this place, walked past & in and out of everyshop to see what they were offering…. it was like kids in a candy store except this candy store was the size of a mall! Also once you start exploring nuances of this place you will find shops which specialize in products and accessories; we found helmet shops, shops which sell handlebars & also a vendor on the roads who customizes the seat from whom we did get our seat modified. We also visited a shop by the name of Jayesh Scooters from where we got our bike accessories like the saddle bag, the eagle leg stand, chrome grips, etc. The owner there was helpful, specially considering we are casual bikers and newbies to this whole process. Since that day, he has been trying to sell us the concept and customize our bike as “The Eagle Bike”for which he has sold us a chrome eagle head which has been mounted on the front fender.

Eagle Bike Time

Guddu working on our Bike

Another brilliant concept which works in this lane…. you buy what you want from theshops and instead of getting it fixed at a garage, you can hire a mechanic who you will spot hanging around the lane or working on another bike and get things done on the spot. These mechanics – most of whom look like kids – are brilliant. Each of them has the ability to disassemble and reassemble any bike. Also the ability to add accessories, do some chopping work, etc. is a walk in the park for them. Also, as additional service, they get your bike washed & polished which is very cool! Guddu is the guy who worked on our bike and now is our personal designated mechanic who not only works on the bike basis enhancements required, but is available on call if there is any repair required for the bike.

Another thing which you see around this place is a swarm of bike enthusiasts & these span across multiple categories right from the hard core speed demons to the likes of those who have just bought a bike andare getting basic additions made to the same. You also see bikes right from Harleys to the likes of Kinetic Hondas and the same is definitely a visualtreat.

Pre-Owned Bikes

Value for Money Stores

The major reason which attracts these hordes to this place& beyond all what has been mentioned is the cost effectiveness of this place, what you would end up paying forat a fancy store or online, you get here for about half the price which is the killer app. Also there is a huge scopefor bargaining considering all shop owners will hike prices; so a good assumption is a 20-30% discount on any item. If you can ride a hard bargainthen who knows even 50% is a possibility. The market also is a display gallery for pre-owned motorcycles and if you are interested in purchasing one of those this is the place where you will probably get all makes & varieties; youjust need to find the right dealer who will be available at every 100 meters. To conclude, we for a minimum sum of money, have gotten our bike customized and personalized (you can see pictures for the same in the photo section); also the icing on the cake being, we have got it done basis what we like and chose in terms of spares & accessories. If you are looking at getting work done on your bike, do visit this place. Also if you are touring the city, and are looking at seeing the inner works of Bombay, this is a great place to understand the madness!!!


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The Casual Biker

The dictionary definition of Casual is “Occurring by Chance” how do I associate with this? I am a motorcycle enthusiast by chance.

To be very honest, I was not convinced about buying a bike, but my brother’s enthusiasm got the better of me and we went and bought the Bajaj Avenger. I did not even know how to ride a bike when we first got it; after a good week’s delay, I found some time to go and learn how to ride it. I was familiar with riding a bicycle and understood the way the clutch interacts with the gear and accelerator; this due to driving cars, so riding came easy to me. On the very first day, I managed to take the bike around the street where we live and back home without falling off it. From there, it has been about 2 months now and have been riding the bike on weekends; that is also if I wake up or am not lazing around. My brother, on the other hand, takes it for a spin every single day.

I consider myself a Casual Biker. I love owning a bike, but riding it is not the number one priority, not like I don’t like riding, I enjoy it as much as the next guy,  but I ride only when I absolutely feel like it. I don’t claim to be a biker or out of the Hell’s Angels – my lifestyle hardly reflects that. But since owning a bike, a lot has changed. For one, my outlook to people who own bikes, I always use to be scared of people riding like maniacs. After riding the bike, I am even more scared – personally I ride at about 60 kms and it is pure bliss, open roads in the morning, no traffic and so on. I forgot to mention I only ride in the morning. I have started appreciating the Discovery Turbo channel much more and now appreciate the work people do while they customize these monsters. My lifelong aspiration to own a Ninja and a Harley has also increased dramatically.

I am sure there are a lot people like me out there. These are folks who want to own a Motorcycle and also enjoy the luxury of riding, not speed demons that keep going “I love the speed” (trust me on Indian roads if you love speed you will only reach your death faster). A couple of things you should know in case you are Casual Biker – first get a bike that you are comfortable with and is low maintenance, just because the guy next door has an Enfield or Harley does not mean you have to get one. Trust me, from all the stories I have heard those bikes are planets where maintenance is concerned. Find people who have similar interests – more casual riders; you will be able to relate to them and they will speak to you about their rides in a language you understand. Trust me, I have spoken to people who talk like they are engineers and assemble bikes for a living (Good for them I say, but I understand things a little simple).  Visit the local Chop Shop, you will definitely find something you will like to add to your bike; minor customizations on the bike are awesome, low risk and give you another reason to ride. I don’t know why, but the day we get our bike modified, the urge to ride is much more. Finally, keep a good mechanic’s number stored on your phone; you never know when you may need to use it. Find a route that you are comfortable with and ride there, learn the turns and bumps, trust me it is very different from driving a car.

If you have never ridden a motorcycle, but have a casual mindset towards it, go ahead and rent a bike or buy one. It is definitely not a disappointing experience; as a Casual Biker, you will enjoy all the luxuries a hardcore biker would, but it will be more staggered and more by chance…


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Paul Sr. OCC & Some Great Bikes

We profile Paul Sr. today, One of the most prolific chopper builders in  the world. Please note he does also look like a walrus 🙂

See the Similarity 🙂

Wonder Years!

Paul John Teutul (born May 1, 1949 in Yonkers, New York) is one of the co-founders of Orange County Choppers, a manufacturer of custom motorcycles and focus of the reality television series American Chopper. Teutul first appeared on the show with his sons Paul Teutul, Jr. and Michael Teutul. The claim to faim for Sr. sky-rocketed basis the series & also basis their signature theme bike series’ which Orange County has been building for clients. (Do check pictures for OC Signature theme bikes in the photo section). Early Life for Paul was filled with drug & alcohol abuse….been there done that is a notioan you can associate with Paul Sr. & drugs.


Orange County Choppers started out as Orange County Iron Works owned by Teutul. Inspired by bikes he saw on the streets and in movies, he started building his own and established OCC (Orange County Choppers) with son Paul Jr. in 1999.

Paul Sr. on the show, American Choppers, has been well known for his short temper. Yelling, shouting & fights with his kids and workers have been a regular occurance on the show, The same also led to the Father & Son break-up in 2009 where in Paul Jr. walked out OCC & started his own company Paul Junior Designs.

This is Awesome!!!

CAT Bike

All said and done, at a personal level, Paul Sr. today is one of the greatest chopper builders and under the OCC has built great bikes Like the Fire Bike, the Black widow bike, Airforce bike, Bat Bike, Nasa tribute bike, etc. We have been following the show for a while on TV and if you can look over the drama in the episodes there are some crazy bikes which are created. We also have our own little collection of minatures built by OC; images of the same are featured in our photo section. Do check the same out.

Paul Sr. is a living legend and a truly gifted chopper builder who definitely, in our mind, ranks in the top few chopper buiders in the world. A lot of people call OCC bikes gimmicks and not old school real deals. Though, if you were to see the minute level of detailing, work & thought which goes into each & every one of their bike you will have a different opinion…

Few pictures are in the below gallery though to check more click on the Photo section now…

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Custom Paint Job

The first thing that stands out when you look at a Bike is its colour.

Bikers generally get custom jobs on their machines to set them apart. These are inspired by various things – loved ones, country, style, monuments…. the list is endless. These customized paint jobs are created by a very special breed of artists. These are guys who have been ex-tattoo artist or graphic designers. They spend days on a custom job. For example, just to get a tank Cherry red, at least 3 different quotes of different colour are put on it just to ensure the final shade is as per a customer’s liking.

Once the base coat is up, starts the tedious proscess of putting a graphic on it or then to do some pinstriping!  Both of these requires extremely skilled workmanship and only a handfull of people in the world really create art. I have not yet come across any Indian artist near our chop shop who does this kind of work. Have put up some really good paint work below – some simple, and some out of whack. If you know anyone who does this kind of work in Mumbai please let us know.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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