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A Tribute to Billy Lane

Choppers Inc Billy Lane’s Brand

Billy Lane!

By now, people who have been reading our blog know that we follow the Great Biker Builder Off very closely and builders and riders like Indian Larry, Arlen Ness, etc. are gods to us. Today’s article is taking off from that serial and the 1st time we saw it and were introduced to this maverick crazy builder, Billy Lane.¬†The first episode I ever saw of this show was Billy Lane vs. Roger Bourget. At that time, I had no clue of what the show was about or who these guys were, building some crazy-ass choppers. Watched the episode and re-runs of the same multiple times. Was amazed at the brilliance of Billy Lane who’s philosophy of building a chopper was simple & stemmed from the basics…………bikes assembled using spares at your disposal and chopping metal and steel to make spares to fit your ride = Choppers. Superbly brilliant & simple ūüôā

This is so Awesome!!!


Another aspect of Billy Lane’s¬†personality¬†which stood out during the show was his approach to life and living it by the moment & the same also reflected in the way he built his bikes, wherein he would always have some vague design in his mind about how he wanted his bike to look, but in terms of innovations, he would do it on the fly. Good examples of the same are the rimless bikes called the Psycho Billy Cadillac & The Chronic. Picture for the same & a Video featured below. Post this, saw multiple episodes of Biker Build Off specially the ones which featured Billy Lane – have mentioned some of the same below. Also a worthy mention over here is the episode with Indian Larry as the same not only showed great bike building¬†powers of both Larry & Lane, but also showed the spirit of riders and brotherhood between these great builders as Larry helped out Billy get his bike working and started during the course of their ride when Billy was having some bike trouble.

  1. Billy Lane vs. Roger Bourget : Original run : September 28, 2002
  2. Billy Lane vs. Dave Perewitz : Original run : September 1, 2003
  3. Billy Lane vs. Indian Larry : Original run : September 1, 2003
  4. Billy Lane vs. Mike Brown : Original run : March 8, 2005
  5. Billy Lane vs. Russell Mitchel : Original run : August 7, 2006

Hard at Work

William David (Billy) Lane (born February 6, 1970 in Miami, Florida) is widely known as a builder of custom motorcycles, owner of Choppers Inc. He holds seven U.S. patents on motorcycle parts and accessories and has authored two books – an autobiography, Billy Lane’s Chop Fiction: It’s not a Motorcycle, Baby, It’s a Chopper (2004, Motorbooks International) and Billy Lane’s How to Build Old School Choppers, Bobbers And Customs (2005, Motorbooks International). Lane also holds an Associate in Science degree in Mechanical¬†Engineering¬†from Florida State University¬†as well as a Bachelor in Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Florida International University, graduating in 1997.

Psyco Billy!!!

Also post buying a bike & while we were collating content for the blog, we found out that Billy Lane was imprisoned, post being found guilty for a drunk driving fatal crash & is going to be in prison till October 2014. The news was extremely disheartening considering the career and the work of this legendary builder & the way he built his life & his bikes. This post of mine is a tribute to one of my favorite chopper builders of all time РBilly Lane!

For people who want to see other stuff by Billy Lane do check out its awesome!!!

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Incidence & Coincidence

Friday evening, decided to go to the local drinking hole, Mini Club House with Mihir & Vishal; on reaching there, was told the place was shut and would open by 7pm. Oh! here i forgot to mention we went there by 4pm. Decided to dunk the idea of drinking out, saved some money and decided to drink at home. Bought Haywards 5000, went home, got shit-faced and closed the day.

St7 Totally Superb!

The Saturday morning bike ride as always, was past worli seaface, shivaji park, upto bandra reclamation and then back to nariman point; though on the way back, an interesting incident happened wherein, past shivaji park I noticed a Hyosung St7 – dude! that’s one killer bike! Like an excited kid, I started chasing the bike. This is where it got interesting – wherein the St7 rider and I started riding together without uttering a word. This was so super awesome! We also had enough people staring at us past prabhadevi and century bazaar. Finally, before he went his way at passport office and I went towards city¬†bakery, we gave each other a thumbs up & cruised away… Total feeling of brotherhood had happened!

Pretty Average Pizzeria

That’s Vibha

Got home, decided to go to Pizzeria, a local pizza joint at¬†marine-drive. They serve the most awesome¬†Bombay¬†masala pizza (regular cheese pizza with¬†Indian¬†herbs). Reaching pizzeria, we realized the place has been totally re-done and looked quite cool; the same, though, could not be said about their service and food as it was horrifying – firstly the service and then the food. They have changed the recipe for the Bombay Masala Pizza… Immediately called up a Shlok (friend) with whom we have eaten 5 Bombay Masala’s and have been regulars to this restaurant. Spammed social media about the¬†disappointment and the general stuff.Also note Shlok has a Royal Enfield Twin Spark 350cc. ¬†Coincidentally, also met¬†¬†my old boss and friend, Vibha, who was visiting the place as well. She also had a feeling where she thought she would meet me (premonition¬†moment)! Cribbed to her also about the service and food, then took a photo of hers to feature on this write up check the same ūüôā Post that, came home & crashed.

This is Sensational!

Evening was spent eating amazing frankie made by the Mrs. Also ate icecream bon bons and watched Gone starring Amanda Sefried to end the day. Sunday morning’s bike ride was past lower parel, dadar and back. Also took Mihir for some photography to marine-drive, grant road vegetable market and mahalakshmi. He also went to haji Ali Durga which was fun and scary & he is going to have a post on the same with some awesome photo’s soon. Most of the day was spent watching movies & lazing in bed having Caronas. Saw Runnning Man starring Arnold, a bit of Supernatural & then watched Limitless starring Bradly Cooper which was brilliant to end the day. Started off Monday by hating them i.e. Monday’s. Post that brilliant bike ride happened as the weather was awesome & to make the day interesting, have dinner planned at the in-laws. Hopefully, I won’t hate Mondays that much this week ūüôā

Sunday Morning Photography

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Lifestyle of the Not So Rich but Loads of Fun

The Classic Biker

First few image which comes to mind when you think bikers & bikes

1) Long Haired Dude with Tattoos cruising on this huge ass bike

The Outlaw Biker

2) The speed demons racing across the road on some killer super-bikes

Both of these images have an aspirational connect which is very evident when we think of them.

Today we are going to talk about the first variety – the one’s who the general population perceives as “Outlaw Bikers”, yup the same who you see on Harleys in movies, documentaries, youtube videos, etc.

Ok so why is this aspirational when folks like the ones mentioned are considered outlaws &¬†are part of gangs, etc… To me, the appeal here is of the negative where in a few aspects help paint the complete picture in our minds of what¬†we¬†could be ūüôā

The Classic Bad Boy: Carefree attitude, living life per second, lots of beer, sexy girls around, always ready to pick a fight ¬†& most importantly, the fact they do not do anything but general chilling! Who wouldn’t want to lead a life like that? Clearly this has been showcased in movies since years & has help build the image and a substantial ¬†hype around this community. One aspect which hasn’t been highlighted prominantly¬†in movies and in any media is according to me the most important one “brotherhood & friendship” which basically is about hanging with buddies and friends who are like minded.

The sweetness of doing nothing...

Now we understand why all of us somewhere want to live the so called “biker life”. Who wouldn’t want to wake up, ride to your heart’s content, hang with your buddies, unlimited supply of alcohol… add to that the women quotient and life is sorted :-).


Having said that, most of us are able to achieve the same in spurts where we are able to chill, do nothing much, hang with buddies, get shit-faced, ride when roads have little to no traffic and have a woman to share things with. The only problem here is that the same happens very occasionally, may be on holidays or weekends conidering the lives we lead which from time to time get mundane & monotonous.

I hate Mondays and the basis of this article somewhere stemmed from that. Now I am working towards making the¬†day exciting!!! Hopefully, this article will have a similar effect on you! Take it one day at a time…

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