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The Chronicles of the Weekend

Always a good start to the weekend!

Post the morning bike ride on Friday the 13th, 2012 the agenda was clear finish work related stuff ASAP & bring in the weekend! Add to that we were celebrating Rachita’s (my wife’s) birthday, so, in true biker style, there was going to be an overdose of food, alcohol & good company. The celebrations surpassed all expectations as alcohol and food consumption was at its all time peak!

Sensational Mini Cheesecakes!

Add to that  the brilliant cheesecake made by the Mrs… Simply  sensational!!!

Saturday morning bike ride was through Shivaji Park & Bandra Reclamation, post which the gang decided to go for Brunch at Smoke House Deli. We will be reviewing this place in a forthcoming article, though please note, this is one of the best places we have eaten at….a must visit if you are at Phoenix mills.

Yummy Meat Spread

Post brunch, some awesome sheesha/hookah was had as we crashed at home. Evening was spent with more alcohol 🙂 & a ride to colaba where some awesome meat was eaten at a road side roll outlet (Idris Chacha makes the best Sheekh Kebab Roti Rolls).

Early Morning Ride

The iconic (at least in my world) Sunday morning Ride happened with Ekta (drinking buddy) as we rode across the Highway to Kalina, post which we went exploring areas like Choonabhatti, lBS road, etc.  which we had heard off, but never visited. Put a decent 40+ km on a 2 hour bike ride!

Yummy Waffles were eaten for lunch & afternoon was spent napping. In the evening we watched Ghostrider 2 starring Nicholas Cage which has some crazy bikes & bike action sequences.

Overall, the good life – bike ride, friends, family, food & alcohol was the weekend which I am already missing :(. This article, like last monday’s article, stems from my hatred for mundane Monday’s & so am already working towards making my week exciting!!! Hope you try the same too…

Brilliant View off the Highway

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