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The Weekend Bike Rides & More

The Stare Down

Kids Killing it on Skates

Revisited Haywards 5000 (Strong Indian Beer) after ages on Thursday evening. Yes, the weekend came in early with the gang assembling at my house fondly  known as the Adda (Headquarters). Finished friday work and moved into the weekend celebrations with alcohol and good food. Then came the Saturday morning bike ride which was past Worli and Nariman Point; there was a brief staredown between me and a Siberien Huskie as you can see in the picture. Also on Saturday and Sundays, there are skating classes for kids where in parents block a certain aspect of Nariman Point & kids race around there which seems like a lot of fun! Then took Mihir to Hanging Gardens through Walkeshwar. Most of the day was spent drinking Carona and watching movies!

That’s One Mean Machine

Jason Statham on the Ducati Desmsedici RR

After watching the trailer of Expendables 2 and in our drunk frenzy we decided to watch the Expendables – it was too much fun watching the crazy action & awesome dialogues in the movie. 300 & Expendebles are a must watch if you are hammered…the experiance is unmatched. Post watching the movie and seeing iconic scenes like Micky Rourke riding a bike, I did some R & D on the movie & realised the movie has some crazy bikes (we will be doing an entire post on the same soon); some interesting bike facts around the movie, The motorcycle that Jason Statham’s character, Lee Christmas, is riding is the Italian made street legal MotoGP race inspired Ducati Desmosedici RR. This sport-bike carries a price tag of $75,000, has a top speed of 190+ mph (305 km/h). This 989cc 4 cylinder produces 200hp while only weighing 377 pounds (171 kg). Of the only 1,500 made, 500 made it to the U.S. and they all sold out within five hours. Tom Cruise was the lucky recipient to receive the first one imported to the U.S.  Evening on Saturday was spent eating the yummiest burittos ever made by the Mrs. …totally bad ass!!!

Killer View

Gate Way of India

Sunday morning began with a bike ride past Apollo Bunder & the legendary Gateway of India; the sites & sounds here were amazing considering you have the Taj hotel and the sea at a stretch of an arm’s distance; also the view from the edge of the footpath is brilliant.

Spent most part of the ride with the bike parked and glaring at the view, then headed to Nariman point to see kids skate and then back. Went to Moshe’s for brunch where the discussion centered around how good The Avengers movie is & the brilliance of the plot, characters, script, dialogue, etc. Got back, decided to watch Mark Whalberg’s Contraband which was a decently exciting movie, passed out for a bit, then woke up to some exciting Grey Goose Popsicles which were made by Yooti (sister in law)  & the Moto GP Portual leg.

Post dinner, lazed watched Super Natural, ate Kaluha flavored chocolate dessert again courtesy Yooti which was the perfect end to the superb weekend!



Grey Goose Popsicles

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The Chronicles of the Weekend

Always a good start to the weekend!

Post the morning bike ride on Friday the 13th, 2012 the agenda was clear finish work related stuff ASAP & bring in the weekend! Add to that we were celebrating Rachita’s (my wife’s) birthday, so, in true biker style, there was going to be an overdose of food, alcohol & good company. The celebrations surpassed all expectations as alcohol and food consumption was at its all time peak!

Sensational Mini Cheesecakes!

Add to that  the brilliant cheesecake made by the Mrs… Simply  sensational!!!

Saturday morning bike ride was through Shivaji Park & Bandra Reclamation, post which the gang decided to go for Brunch at Smoke House Deli. We will be reviewing this place in a forthcoming article, though please note, this is one of the best places we have eaten at….a must visit if you are at Phoenix mills.

Yummy Meat Spread

Post brunch, some awesome sheesha/hookah was had as we crashed at home. Evening was spent with more alcohol 🙂 & a ride to colaba where some awesome meat was eaten at a road side roll outlet (Idris Chacha makes the best Sheekh Kebab Roti Rolls).

Early Morning Ride

The iconic (at least in my world) Sunday morning Ride happened with Ekta (drinking buddy) as we rode across the Highway to Kalina, post which we went exploring areas like Choonabhatti, lBS road, etc.  which we had heard off, but never visited. Put a decent 40+ km on a 2 hour bike ride!

Yummy Waffles were eaten for lunch & afternoon was spent napping. In the evening we watched Ghostrider 2 starring Nicholas Cage which has some crazy bikes & bike action sequences.

Overall, the good life – bike ride, friends, family, food & alcohol was the weekend which I am already missing :(. This article, like last monday’s article, stems from my hatred for mundane Monday’s & so am already working towards making my week exciting!!! Hope you try the same too…

Brilliant View off the Highway

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Lifestyle of the Not So Rich but Loads of Fun

The Classic Biker

First few image which comes to mind when you think bikers & bikes

1) Long Haired Dude with Tattoos cruising on this huge ass bike

The Outlaw Biker

2) The speed demons racing across the road on some killer super-bikes

Both of these images have an aspirational connect which is very evident when we think of them.

Today we are going to talk about the first variety – the one’s who the general population perceives as “Outlaw Bikers”, yup the same who you see on Harleys in movies, documentaries, youtube videos, etc.

Ok so why is this aspirational when folks like the ones mentioned are considered outlaws & are part of gangs, etc… To me, the appeal here is of the negative where in a few aspects help paint the complete picture in our minds of what we could be 🙂

The Classic Bad Boy: Carefree attitude, living life per second, lots of beer, sexy girls around, always ready to pick a fight  & most importantly, the fact they do not do anything but general chilling! Who wouldn’t want to lead a life like that? Clearly this has been showcased in movies since years & has help build the image and a substantial  hype around this community. One aspect which hasn’t been highlighted prominantly in movies and in any media is according to me the most important one “brotherhood & friendship” which basically is about hanging with buddies and friends who are like minded.

The sweetness of doing nothing...

Now we understand why all of us somewhere want to live the so called “biker life”. Who wouldn’t want to wake up, ride to your heart’s content, hang with your buddies, unlimited supply of alcohol… add to that the women quotient and life is sorted :-).


Having said that, most of us are able to achieve the same in spurts where we are able to chill, do nothing much, hang with buddies, get shit-faced, ride when roads have little to no traffic and have a woman to share things with. The only problem here is that the same happens very occasionally, may be on holidays or weekends conidering the lives we lead which from time to time get mundane & monotonous.

I hate Mondays and the basis of this article somewhere stemmed from that. Now I am working towards making the day exciting!!! Hopefully, this article will have a similar effect on you! Take it one day at a time…

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