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Bike Ride Revisited, Cookies & Pizzas

Sensational Marine Drive

Our Black Beauty!!!

Saturday started off with a rare and early morning bike ride… Rare basis the rains wherein this time around in the country it is the monsoon season & thus due to consistent rains in the city, bike rides are few & far between. There are people who do ride in the rains, though Mihir & I totally refrain from the same….. to each his own, I say… Coming back to the bike ride – an amazing feeling when you just start the engine, put the bike into gear and start cruising; somehow, even after a break you just feel like the bike is a part of you and the feeling is unmatched. A bit like cycling – you never forget how to ride it ūüôā .

Fortunately, the weather was kind…… actually, the weather was spectacular….. roads were dry, nice wind, the sun was under a cloud cover & all that jazz. Started by riding through my lane & then ventured to ride towards Worli Seaface. Passing Peddar Road & then Haji Ali which is my most favorite stretch to ride past was an amazing feeling, then went upto Worli Seaface where the wind was strong & at times felt the push of the same across the bike. From there, decided to go back as there was a slight drizzle which had started, though by the time I reached the Race Course, the weather was clear again. Decided to then continue the feeling of non stop riding & rode towards Marine Drive which was super awesome! Went to Nariman Point & back home. The brilliance of open roads matched only with the experiance of riding next to the sea was super cool!!!


Awesome Cookies Courtesy the Mrs!!!

Got home, finished morning chores and then decided to head out for lunch with Mihir, Rachita, Yooti & Mother-in-law a.k.a. JKD. The cuisine to be eaten was Chinese & the place agreed upon was Asia 7 at the Palladium, ¬†Phoniex Mills. Went there did a bit of window shopping & then went and ate some awesome food. Had some raw Papaya Salad, soup which had a distinct thai flavour (coconut milk base), some awesome mushroom starter followed by Rice & some Vegeteable Gravy.¬†The place is a bit steep but definitely worth a visit. Went home & crashed. Though, while I was asleep, the very lovely Mrs baked some awesome cookies; woke up to sensational visuals & smells of the same.¬†Cookies were vanilla, Chocolate & Chocolate with a soft center of¬†Chocolate Truffles…¬†Also Yooti had made some great Apple & Orange Sangria which was drunk through the evening by Vishal, Mihir & yours truly :-). The brilliant evening was then ended with Tacos and the Chocolate soft center Truffle¬†Cookie for Dessert. Also, watched the animated¬†movie Arjun which¬†is a¬†Disney movie though made by¬†Indian companies like Tata¬†Elixi & Reliance. The¬†movie’s look & feel was breathtaking & the story captivating. I highly recommend the same to all.

More Yummyness!!!

Pesto & Jalapeno Pizza!!!

Stuffed Crust Pizza!!!

Sunday started off with Astro’s walk,¬†bath &¬†breakfast, post which the day was spent lying on bed watching movies. Saw a movie called The Philly Kid to start the day, loved the tag line of the film which said “To be out he had to be in”. The movie on the whole was decent & worth a watch. 2nd movie watched was Hijacked, starring UFC legend Randy “The Natural” Courture….. total wall paper movie which had its moments :-). Also ordered some wood-oven pizzas from this local joint called Govinda which is a restaurant run by the ISKON Hare Rama Hare Krishna Trust. The food was decent, though my suggestions if you ever order from there please re-heat the pizzas before eating… Finally, to end the amazing weekend, saw The Journey to The Mysterious Island starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Full on on entertainment movie. After that saw an episode of True Blood and finally passed out…

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Heaven & Hell

Every Sunday you¬†realize¬†there is God!!! I mean this is his way of showing all of us there is a Heaven & Hell; Saturday & Sunday is what the brilliance of Heaven feels like & then there is Monday & the rest of the days….. definitely Hell or the¬†experience¬†similar to the overall concept of the underworld… Running pillar to post managing friends, family and other crap is just ridiculous. Weekends, on the other hand, are such a joy, purely because the manic pace slows down multifold and from time to time you can laze and do absolutely nothing.

What A View!!!

Open Roads Are Super!

So post bawling about the start of the week, let me¬†reminisce¬†about the weekend that was¬†& all the fun stuff! Saturday morning began with a very early morning bike ride from home towards Bandra reclamation; the ride was spectacular as the weather was nice and breezy with a bit of a cloud cover. Rode around reclamation for a while, sat on the bike motionless, parked on the road enjoying the weather. From there decided to ride back to Nariman point; the same was a blissfull ride. Got home and didn’t feel¬†like doing much, so decided to grab a few movies, watched Friends with Benefits & some Horror flick called Intruders. Then there was family¬†lunch & dinner.¬†Watched an episode of The Great Biker Build Off where in Cory Ness (The son of Legendary Bike Builder Arlen Ness)¬† was the winner. Got very inspired by¬†that and immediately started to plan the route for the¬† Sunday morning ride. The day ended with watching the season finale¬†episodes of Supernatural season 2 & Spartacus season 3. Oh, forgot to mention, there was also some minor enahncement work done on the bike for which Guddu (our mechanic) came home and did the needful!

Lower Parel Flyover

Sunday morning started off with the bike ride passing through the back road of Haji Ali which is actually the racecource road. There is a brilliant canope of trees which covers this road and at day break it looks absolutely super. Past that, went onto the the Lower Parel flyovers which are an absolute treat to ride past int he morning when there is no

That’s Astro!!!

traffic. From there, turned off at Dadar station and turned back towards South Bombay. Went across Haji Ali which, according to me, is one of the greatest stretches you can ride past in the city. Then Road upto Walkeshwar and¬†Breachcandy and finally got home. Finished my little Astro’s walk, oil massage, bath & breakfast, then decided to laze; watched Sherlock Holmes¬†part 1,¬†starring Robert Downey, Jr., which was fantastic, then watched X-Men First Class. Had a nap, woke up, decided to cook Vindaloo (goan style Spicey Curry) for dinner which turned out awesome & crazy hot! Finally, the day was closed by watching Sherlock Holmes 2: Game of Shadows; in this part Robert Downey is in another league. If you haven’t seen the movie get the DVD… highly¬†recommended.


Crazy Spicy Vindaloo

.Now, post all the fun part, you wake¬†up to¬†to a mundane Monday where you are running to get to work through crazy traffic, at work figuring deadlines,¬†deliverables, etc. In the evening, by the time you are back home, you barely have the time or the strength to do anything & this cycle continues for 5 full days! Now how does this compare to the 2 days?¬†To my mind, it’s very¬†clear….. Saturday &¬†Sunday = Heaven; Monday through Thursday = Hell. Friday is an exception only because the next day is Saturday and post half of Friday you are in total weekend mode & that’s the real reason¬†why from time to time it is also called Good Friday. Also, if you have¬†Saturday as a working day then read the next line carefully,¬†go kill yourself… (That’s a Joke)¬† Actually if you have Saturday working, quit! Trust me, that’s the best thing you can do for yourself and people around you ūüôā

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The Chronicles of the Weekend

Always a good start to the weekend!

Post the morning¬†bike ride on Friday the 13th, 2012 the agenda was clear finish work related stuff ASAP & bring in the weekend! Add to that we were celebrating Rachita’s (my wife’s) birthday, so, in true biker style, there was going to be an overdose of food, alcohol & good company. The celebrations surpassed all expectations as alcohol and food consumption was at its all time peak!

Sensational Mini Cheesecakes!

Add to that¬† the brilliant cheesecake made by the Mrs… Simply¬† sensational!!!

Saturday morning bike ride was through Shivaji Park & Bandra Reclamation, post which the¬†gang decided to go for Brunch at Smoke House Deli. We will be reviewing this place in a forthcoming article, though please note, this is one of the best places we have eaten at….a must visit if you are at Phoenix mills.

Yummy Meat Spread

Post brunch, some awesome sheesha/hookah¬†was had as we crashed at home. Evening was spent with more alcohol ūüôā &¬†a ride to colaba where some awesome meat was eaten at a road side roll outlet (Idris Chacha makes the best Sheekh Kebab Roti Rolls).

Early Morning Ride

The iconic (at least in my world) Sunday morning Ride happened with Ekta (drinking buddy) as we rode across the Highway to Kalina, post which we went exploring areas like Choonabhatti, lBS road, etc.  which we had heard off, but never visited. Put a decent 40+ km on a 2 hour bike ride!

Yummy Waffles were eaten for lunch & afternoon was spent napping. In the evening we watched Ghostrider 2 starring Nicholas Cage which has some crazy bikes & bike action sequences.

Overall, the good life – bike ride,¬†friends, family, food & alcohol was the weekend which I am already missing :(. This article, like last monday’s article, stems from my hatred for mundane Monday’s & so am already working towards making my week exciting!!! Hope you try the same too…

Brilliant View off the Highway

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