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Heaven & Hell

Every Sunday you realize there is God!!! I mean this is his way of showing all of us there is a Heaven & Hell; Saturday & Sunday is what the brilliance of Heaven feels like & then there is Monday & the rest of the days….. definitely Hell or the experience similar to the overall concept of the underworld… Running pillar to post managing friends, family and other crap is just ridiculous. Weekends, on the other hand, are such a joy, purely because the manic pace slows down multifold and from time to time you can laze and do absolutely nothing.

What A View!!!

Open Roads Are Super!

So post bawling about the start of the week, let me reminisce about the weekend that was & all the fun stuff! Saturday morning began with a very early morning bike ride from home towards Bandra reclamation; the ride was spectacular as the weather was nice and breezy with a bit of a cloud cover. Rode around reclamation for a while, sat on the bike motionless, parked on the road enjoying the weather. From there decided to ride back to Nariman point; the same was a blissfull ride. Got home and didn’t feel like doing much, so decided to grab a few movies, watched Friends with Benefits & some Horror flick called Intruders. Then there was family lunch & dinner. Watched an episode of The Great Biker Build Off where in Cory Ness (The son of Legendary Bike Builder Arlen Ness)  was the winner. Got very inspired by that and immediately started to plan the route for the  Sunday morning ride. The day ended with watching the season finale episodes of Supernatural season 2 & Spartacus season 3. Oh, forgot to mention, there was also some minor enahncement work done on the bike for which Guddu (our mechanic) came home and did the needful!

Lower Parel Flyover

Sunday morning started off with the bike ride passing through the back road of Haji Ali which is actually the racecource road. There is a brilliant canope of trees which covers this road and at day break it looks absolutely super. Past that, went onto the the Lower Parel flyovers which are an absolute treat to ride past int he morning when there is no

That’s Astro!!!

traffic. From there, turned off at Dadar station and turned back towards South Bombay. Went across Haji Ali which, according to me, is one of the greatest stretches you can ride past in the city. Then Road upto Walkeshwar and Breachcandy and finally got home. Finished my little Astro’s walk, oil massage, bath & breakfast, then decided to laze; watched Sherlock Holmes part 1, starring Robert Downey, Jr., which was fantastic, then watched X-Men First Class. Had a nap, woke up, decided to cook Vindaloo (goan style Spicey Curry) for dinner which turned out awesome & crazy hot! Finally, the day was closed by watching Sherlock Holmes 2: Game of Shadows; in this part Robert Downey is in another league. If you haven’t seen the movie get the DVD… highly recommended.


Crazy Spicy Vindaloo

.Now, post all the fun part, you wake up to to a mundane Monday where you are running to get to work through crazy traffic, at work figuring deadlines, deliverables, etc. In the evening, by the time you are back home, you barely have the time or the strength to do anything & this cycle continues for 5 full days! Now how does this compare to the 2 days? To my mind, it’s very clear….. Saturday & Sunday = Heaven; Monday through Thursday = Hell. Friday is an exception only because the next day is Saturday and post half of Friday you are in total weekend mode & that’s the real reason why from time to time it is also called Good Friday. Also, if you have Saturday as a working day then read the next line carefully, go kill yourself… (That’s a Joke)  Actually if you have Saturday working, quit! Trust me, that’s the best thing you can do for yourself and people around you 🙂

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The Greatest Movie Ever

Yesterday we went and watched The Avengers. Below is our review & experience of one of, if not the greatest, Super Hero movies ever.

The day started with an unusual amount of excitement, The regular morning activities were completed in a hurry; Bike ride, some office work, blog post and so on. We left for Metro (the theatre) at about 10 in the morning (early morning show to avoid crowds – we hate crowded theaters).. it’s now called Big Cinema but we still call it Metro. I will not bore you with other details, let’s move on to the review.

Super Awesomeness!!!

Greatest Movie Ever!

The movie begins with an awesome sequence introducing Nick Fury and Loki. To be honest, I was apprehensive about Nick Fury; how would his character hold his ground against the Big Boys, but Samuel Jackson delivers a commanding performance through the entire movie. From there, the director Joss Whedon takes his time to introduce all the characters: Thor, Ironman, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Captain America and The Hulk – now this would be a painful experience in any other movie, but this is The Avengers and it is poetry in motion, executed seamlessly with each character getting screen time and showing off his back story and his skill set. Marvel has made sure that even people who have not seen any of the earlier movies will quickly know each and every character. The story takes it share of twists and turns from there due to which The Avengers assemble and take on the menace of Loki to save the world. If I was to break it up, the first half of the film is dedicated to building up the characters, the second half is dedicated to unleashing their awesome force on screen.


Crazy Action

What stands out in the entire movie is the how each character interacts with the other, for example Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr. on screen together is just unreal! While on Ruffalo, have to admit, he is the greatest Hulk ever! We had our doubts when they initially announced he would replace Ed Norton but he delivers a performance that will keep you begging for more. The tech displayed in the movie is truly amazing, Iron Man getting out of his costume, migrating the S.H.I.EL.D data into his systems is a joy to watch for all the nerds/geeks out there. Thor delivers a performance which is God like, nothing more to say there. Black Widow, Captain America and Hawkeye all hold their ground in the movie – this considering they have limited Super/Mechanical Powers.They takeover complete scenes and will have you clapping just like you will do for their Super Power/Mechanically driven counterparts.

Killer Combination!

The movie is a fan’s dream come true: the dialogues are witty and the actors delivery/timings are spot on. While we have never yelled or clapped in an English film, The Avengers got us to do that. What is amazing is the audience in the theatre was made up of kids, teenagers and older people, they all pretty much had the same reactions. The true hero of the movie are its action sequences – they are believable and add to the legend of each of the Avengers – the final battle will have you on the edge of your seat for sure.

The Real Life Heroes

We have tried very hard to keep this review spoiler free – our recommendation, go watch The Avengers, it is an amazing experience. 2D vs 3D? We would suggest 2D. The movie is a convert and but note the 3D version is one of the best converts out there for sure. If you have the inclination, do read up a little about the Heroes before watching the movie (You can read our older post “Beyond the Avenger(S) for details), it will definitely add to the awesome, insane, unreal experience that is The Avengers.
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