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The Idiot Rider

Bikes generally add to your cool quotient (that is if you have any). This is also the reason why many of us ride them. Your first bike should be chosen basis cost and the aim should be to make you a better rider and also, get your hands dirty customizing it – we would not suggest buying a Harley and then running to a chop shop. One can always go for a dream bike once they have dealt with something more manageable. Below are some signs to spot Idiot Riders and suggestions to help you become a better rider. Bikers who overestimate their abilities are generally called Squids, we like to call them Idiots.

The Idiot Rider

Of course the article is not about the bike you buy but about how some people look like idiots while riding their respective bikes. First thing about an Idiot rider you can spot a mile away, his utter disregard towards safety, one is their own safety; they wear shorts, flip-flops and no helmet. Next is others’ safety; they ride like speed demons in an overly crowded road, slow on turns and then sudden acceleration on seeing an open road. They forget to shut off their signal lights. Guys, if you don’t have an auto shutoff system always remember to shut off your blinkers; this requires practise especially with Indian bikes. We call these folks the permablinker.

The Idiot Newbie

Wannabe Bikers who put large saddlebags on their bikes (we included) are not necessarily idiots; the fools are the ones who don’t check their saddlebags before riding into the sunset. Our suggestion here, before getting on to the bike give your bags a good tug to ensure it will not fall off. Also it is very important to know how the bag is setup in the first place. Kickstands also tell you a lot about the rider. I am sure you have seen a lot of people struggle with the kick stand, some push the stand down in slow motion, for others the stand is just not put right so the bike falls down seconds after they have mounted it on the stand. The simplest ways to avoid this humiliation….ensure the kickstand is all the way down before letting go of the bike.

The Idiot Stunt Man

The above are hygiene issues that separate the Men from the Boys. Now on to some scarier issues that Idiot riders are known for – Showboating, waiting outside colleges or going onto highways, then trying to pull a stunt or burn rubber like they saw on TV. The skills are never there and hence this results in total disaster. Ideally, one should practise riding a bike slowly; do figure 8s, u-turns, slow down without emergency braking, accelerate without the person behind banging into you (Ladies please note this is a cheap trick that most guys use). Bottom line, an experienced rider can make a 300kg bike behave like a bicycle.

Distracted and All over the place

This happens to everyone. You can’t consider this the sign of an Idiot Rider; the idiot is the guy who can’t control the same – Which one’s the clutch again? Did I leave my blinker on? Am I going to die today? Is the Car too close to me? Yaaaaay! Open road! “Dude did you see that girl or guy” – these are general distractions we all deal with -The simplest way to avoid all this panic – breath calmly and discipline yourself, everything else will fall into place. Learn how to master proper braking, smooth shifting and speed management, and you’ll soon be a better and safer rider. Most important, know your limits and stay within them. Going overboard will just make you look like an Idiot.

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Today’s post revolves around safety while ridding.

First thing obviously which comes to mind when you ride and want to be safe is a Helmet, The same assures safety for the rider in case of mishaps.

Iron Man

Quick history (courtesy Wikipedia) on the same –

A helmet is a form of protective gear worn on the head to protect it from injuries.

Super Paint Job

Ceremonial or symbolic helmets (e.g., English policeman’s helmet without protective function are sometimes used. The oldest known use of helmets was by Assyrian soldiers in 900BC, who wore thick leather or bronze helmets to protect the head from blunt object and sword blows and arrow strikes in combat. Soldiers still wear helmets, now often made from lightweight plastic materials.

Very Cool Custom Paint Job



In civilian life, helmets are used for recreational activities and sports (e.g., jockeys in horse racing, American football, ice hockey, cricket, baseball, and rock climbing); dangerous work activities (e.g., construction, mining, riot police); and transportation (e.g., Motorcycle helmets and bicycle helmets). Since the 1990s, most helmets are made from resin or plastic, which may be reinforced with fibers such as aramids.

Mota Motee, helmets have been used since ages as a safety device. We also realized the importance of the same and the minute we bought a bike….actually, in our case, before we bought a bike we went to a local shop (Bachoo Motors) & bought helmets. The one we got was, according to us, a decently cool one with a semivisor in shape of shades to protect not only the head but the face also from dust particles.

The Hulk

A few tips for those who are looking at getting helmets – Buy one which fits you well; the same should have proper ventilation so that it doesnt get claustrophobic and also doesn’t smell basis sweat accumilation on long rides. Make sure when you try the helmet you strap it properly and nod your head. At no point should the helmet wabble during this process and if it does you clearly need another one. Most importantly, buy a helmet which is comfortable as you will be using it everytime you ride.

Some very cool helmets available nowadays in the market have been posted across this post. You can also take a standard helmet and get a fancy custom job done at your local chop shop…

Ride Safe!


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