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Our Own Food Festival Part 1

While the country celebrates the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi, we have been celebrating our own food festival which is totally in sync with the Ganpati festival as the elephant god also loved food & sweets!!! So since last week, there have been multiple places visited & also loads of great food cooked at home by the lovely Mrs. (Rachita). Do continue reading for the details of the same its yummylicious!!!

Best Cheesecake Ever!!!


Cinnamon Rolls to Die For…

Last week, we were working from our fort office & right next to the same is a quaint eatery called Lalit Refreshments which serves fabulous value for money food. We ordered some awesome rotis, paneer in a red gravy, papads, pickle and dosas from there for lunch! As you can see in the picture, the food was pretty damn awesome!!! The next day was a holiday, as it was the start of the Ganpati festival. For the same, Rachita baked an awesome cheesecake with cinnamon dusting on it…. matlab post eating that we are totally clear about our patisserie business 🙂 The next day we decided to make Cinnamon rolls. Please note I was there helping Rachita a.k.a. The Food Magician in making this piece of awesomeness; for a 1st attempt, the rolls were delicious & we made a lot of them & kept aside and ate them regularly till end of the week. For dinner that night, was Samosa Chaat which was courtesy my very lovely mother; needless to say it was totally killer… In this whole thing, I forgot to mention that the Bike Rides were also happening regularly considering the weather has been super awesome, I mean no rains. How awesome is that!

My Prized Possession!!!

Hand Tossed Home Made Pizzas!!!

Then came the weekend & full-on party mode was in progress as Ekta was back from Baroda so Beers, Rum, etc. flowed like the Nile… In the morning, Rachita & me had made preparations for hand tossed Pizzas. Do check the pictures in the gallery below. Also then there was some super sensational chocolate cake with yellow butter icing which was in the shape of modak (ladoos) ha ha ha ha! Our tribute to Ganpati 🙂 Next day post morning bike ride & general chilling, Rachita & I decided to go & check some speakers at Phoneix Mills. Visited JBL, Croma & also Bose, the experience at the Bose showroom was the best! They showcased  a demo of the crazy Video Wave Experience which was the greatest sound experience of a television ever!!! If you guys are around a Bose showroom, do walk in and check out the demo its sensational.

You have to taste it to believe it…



Post the retail therapy session, we decided to go to Cafe Zoe as we had never been there with Analushka / Anus who’s picture is also featured in the slide show below. The place has a nice decor – is very spacious. Post being seated, we checked the menu. Immediately I ordered the steak burger which was extremely inviting also added some bacon to it, Rachita ordered a basket of breads, fries and also some vegetables with red and white quinoa, also ordered some Hoegaarden. Post a leisurely lunch and a gossip session, we decided to head home and crash for a bit. In the evening, I decided to go out for the bike ride. While riding, figured it’s Gauri day which is part of the Ganpati festival where in a statues of the Goddess Gauri are also bought home & immersed in to the water in a day’s time. There was crazy traffic across the roads but on the bike it was totally a breeze, en-route also visited the in-laws house which I was stalking through the day as it was my random activity of the day (stalking the in-laws building). Ekta rode the bike home with me after the in-laws meet & greet. For dinner there was some crazy super awesome Enchiladas. You have to check the pictures of the same in the slide show. All in all, we been eating awesomeness and just thought the same needed to be posted on the blog. Hope you have had fun reading this post as much as we have had eating the food 🙂 Don’t miss the Slide show below it has some delicious & yummy pictures!!!


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Beers, Bikers & More

While we have spoken about bike rides, builders, mundane Mondays, etc. in the past, today’s post, according to me, is one of the most apt & close to the heart variety.

So now, presenting to you, *Drumrolls* *Beerflows*

So here goes the story – Long bike rides with friends…reaching a bar…general chilling & loads of beer consumption. Bikers & Beers – the association is immediate…

Biker Bar

For me, the fascination, obviously, since I started riding has increased multi-fold, though the karmic connection with Beer & me goes back a long way.

Site for Sore Eyes...

Started drinking and would pride myself as a Vodka drinker. Beer, to me, was gutter water….was young & stupid at that time. Over a period of time and due to lack of finances, I realized that beer was not only one of the cheaper alco’s available but was decently tasty. I migrated to drinking KF, Fosters, Tiger & Budweiser for a while – stuck to Budweiser because had seen advertisement on TV – the foreign types. Had that for a while. Eventually decided that for the Indian palette, King Fisher & Hayward’s are superb!!! Then came King Fisher Ultra…one of my most favorite beers – crisp, fresh & superb!!! Special mention here to King’s from Goa – totally sensational!!!

Also now, with what I consider an evolved beer palette, tasted beers like Carona, Asahi, Murphy’s Stout, Stella, Hoegaarden, etc. My favourite amongst all the imported brands is hands down Hoegaaden with a slice of orange…..absolutely fantastic!!! (In upcoming articles we will be profiling these & locals beers)


That’s the story till now. Also, through this story forgot to mention that last year, the very lovely Mrs gifted me my own beer brewing kit! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Excitement had happened. Now I am a rare breed of biker who brews his own beer! Please note the reasons to brew your own beer

My Beer Machine 🙂

1) An absolutely unmatched feeling

2) Super Taste

3) Different flavours available

4) Absolutely easy on the pocket

5) Also you keep getting that reaction “you brew your own beer… Oh wow!!! How? etc etc”

There are loads of beer kits available online you can go to any site and pick it up. The one I am using is called “The Beer Machine”.


Closing thoughts: “Everybody has to believe in something, I believe in having another BEER post a good BIKE RIDE! (or any time :-))

Coming back to why this article is apt & if you haven’t figured the same, its Midweek, time to unwind so grab a few friends and head to the nearest bar or someone’s house & grab yourself a few pints…

Life will be sorted 🙂

Best Buddies!

“Without question, the greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer. Oh, I grant you that the wheel was also a fine invention, but the wheel does not go nearly as well with pizza.”
-Dave Barry


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